Limited Edition Stooki x Bench Artist Series Tees

A tee collection that demonstrates the many facets that make up the Stooki ethos (music/jewellery & apparel design/creative installation

Bench, in collaboration with London-based artistic collective Stooki, presents a collection of Artist Series tees.  After winning  innovative Bench Self Made competition las year, the tee collection demonstrates the many facets that make up the Stooki ethos (music/jewellery & apparel design/creative installation). It features 3 exclusive designs that are available to buy exclusively  online at and

Stooki Jewellery and Apparel

The hugely creative trio; Nadia, Luke and Quincey, launched a small independent fashion label called Stooki Jewellery and Apparel that showcases small capsule collections via music, interactive art and immersive events. Through this they combine each ones creative element to make up Stooki as a whole: Sound, Vision and Play.


The 3 elements inform the collaboration tees and reveal each members personal craft. Quincey explains: “The Stööki x Bench project is solely focused on the three Stööki elements; Sound, Vision and Play. The process involved each Stööki Craft Maker capturing an image based on their element. So Luke’s image reveals a CDJ Deck captured at a sporting event he was DJ-ing at for sound.

For vision Nadia’s image shows a jewellery bench with all its tools, and I’ve taken an image of a skateboarder wearing Stööki Jewellery & Apparel for play. The images were then placed in a kaleidoscope and framed by a geometric shape, representing a stone. In jewellery design a stone is closely related to facets, indicative and nicely symbolic of the many facets that make up Stooki. Each design also reveals a hand, a signature way of us leaving our mark on a piece that directly correlates with us.”



Stooki collaborations

Stooki’s huge body of work includes collaborations with the likes of The Tate Modern, MTV, Red Bull and Adidas.The collection is available exclusively online at and

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About Bench

Bench is a brand with a long, proud and illustrious cultural history. With a reputation for producing easy-wear-clothes with a functional design it continues to be progressive, purposeful and inclusive taking its inspiration from global city cultures and the dynamic young people who bring them alive. Born in the UK back in 1989, it can now be found in more than 30 countries worldwide.

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