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Mariage Frères Boutique

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Inspired in a thousand-year-old tradition that continues to captivate the most discerning palates, Mariage Frères guide the visitor in the discovery of a delicious and fascinating universe: the tea. In the heart of the chic Parisian Marais (42 Bourg Thibourg St) stands the main boutique and tearoom of this sought-after pearl  for lovers of delicatessen products and emblem of tea tradition “a la française” (in the french style).

In an elegant and sober space, with beautiful wood furniture inspired in the colonial decoration, the shop assistants -dressed in a cream linen suit-  introduce the visitor to the delicious fragrances of  teas from all around the world. A fascinating travel that takes us to innermost plantations, sometimes very little ones that only work with the company, where the tea, which production is carefully followed  by experts of Mariage Frères, is collected by hand. This is one of the keys  of the excellence of Mariage products,  a collection of delicacies with really inspiring names: Longevity Tea; Tea of the Emperor, Lushan Yunwu,  Roi Soleil, Tea of the solitary poets… Don´t  miss the occasion to taste the Thé Vert Nouveau du Japon 2010 , this year´s first flushes from four tea gardens irrigated by the Fuji-Yama´s fresh springs. You will be also captivated by the array of other delicious products: “Chocolat des mandarins” with Sakura tea, Thé de Pâques chocolate truffles, Matcha salt, jade powder… And also by the beautiful tea services, the silver plated tea canisters, the  incenses, the candles and even the beautiful big metal tea bottles of colonial style of the shop,  painted by hand and that you can buy signed and enumerated.

Mariage Freres luxury teapot, Le Marais (Paris)

© Mariage Frère

Tea cuisine

The surprises haven´t finished. Now is time to taste the tea cuisine signed Mariage Frères, a revolutionary gastronomy concept created by them. For a meal (salmon tartare with matcha tea) or for a break during the evening (crême brulée with vanilla bourbon tea or strawberry cheesecake with a tea touch), don´t miss the occassion to visit them. The japanese are some of their biggest fans and they have their own Mariage Frères stores and tearooms in Tokyo (in Ginza and Shinjuku), Kobe or Kyoto. Unveil the mysteries and the legends of the antique chinese kings and emperors, the India and Japan masters… And don´t forget to note into your agenda this unavoidable address: Mariage Frères. Pure luxury.

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